Welcome to OnlineSlots.org – Apologies if you expected a bigger site when you landed here but at the moment we are planning and developing a relaunch. We do not have an estimated time frame for this unfortunately but please check back regularly to see an all new awesome slots site! Here is a snippet from what our very friendly CEO says!

We are looking to built a huge online slots informational portal where users can have a massive impact on that happens on the site! It’s not going to be a social network as such, but with interactive features, it will be a super slots community.

in terms of areas covered he continues..

There are about 10 new slots games released online every week and various operators offer free spins, bonuses and other promotional offers to get these games going. We want to make sure that all this information is in one place and that users can rely on it being here.

Enough from us here as we better get back to planning for the future! Hope to see you again soon!

The OnlineSlots.org Team!

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